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JJ McGeehan


Bringing vast experience and integrity to each original composition, I am a team player and work until the last detail is right. 


What genre of music are you seeking ?

Go to my music  library here to listen to some examples.

Dramatic Score, Tension, Orchestral, Comedic, Jazz, Love, Sadness, Rock, World Music

I use the highest quality sample based libraries and have access to some of the world’s best musicians and singers based here in NYC, and around the globe.


If you need a koto player from Japan, an oud player from Turkey or a didgeridoo player from Australia, no problem.


My preference is  to use as many real musicians as budget allows, as this adds to the emotional impact of the music.  


I am also a professional guitarist and expert in most types

of guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, ukulele, the Brazilian cavaquinho, and the valiha from Madagascar. 

Original CD Releases

Hecho a Mano - original Latin music written on traditional Cuban Rhythmic Forms
Soup of Eons - a set of compositions for guitar inspired by Béla Bartok

Available on iTunes here


The Boys of Baraka 

Marcus Garvey


Walking The Camino

cam 2_edited.jpg

I'll Believe You


Jesus Camp

For Spacious Sky


More info here

My goals

are to create music that is

stylistically pertinent to the job,​

unique, original, and delivers

emotional impact in

every composition

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