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Bringing vast experience and integrity to each original composition, I am a team player and work until the last detail is right. 


What genre of music are you seeking ?

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Dramatic Score, Tension, Orchestral, Comedic, Jazz, Love, Sadness, Rock, World Music

I use the highest quality sample based libraries and have access to some of the world’s best musicians and singers based here in NYC, and around the globe.


If you need a koto player from Japan, an oud player from Turkey or a didgeridoo player from Australia, no problem.


My preference is  to use as many real musicians as budget allows, as this adds to the emotional impact of the music.  


I am also a professional guitarist and expert in most types

of guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, ukulele, the Brazilian cavaquinho, and the valiha from Madagascar. 

Original CD Releases

Hecho a Mano - original Latin music written on traditional Cuban Rhythmic Forms
Soup of Eons - a set of compositions for guitar inspired by Béla Bartok

Available on iTunes here


The Boys of Baraka 

Marcus Garvey


Walking The Camino

I'll Believe You

Jesus Camp

For Spacious Sky


More info here

My goals

are to create music that is

stylistically pertinent to the job,​

unique, original, and delivers

emotional impact in

every composition

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